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The ImageConfiguration class is used with the Image method to configure a BLOB column that contains image content such as a JPEG or PNG file



imagesEdit.Column("Content").Image(new ImageConfiguration(new List<string>() { "jpg", "png" }, new Dictionary<FileMetaData, string>() { { FileMetaData.FileName, "FileName" }, { FileMetaData.ContentType, "ContentType" }, { FileMetaData.LastModified, "LastModified" }, { FileMetaData.Size, "Size" } }));



The constructor takes 2 parameters


extension (string),

extension (string[]) 


The valid extension or extensions associated with the file content


metaDataColumns (Dictionary<FileMetaData, string>) (optional)


A dictionary keyed on the FileMetaData enum that associates uploaded file metadata with columns in the edit control. This allows metadata to be collected automatically when a new file is uploaded and added to the table easily.




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